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Does your home need a check-up?

Take care of the small issues before they become big problems.

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Life’s easier with Upkeep+!

Let us handle the boring jobs around your home.

Home manager checks and cleans a air-con filter.

Worry-free maintenance.

We identify and address all basic maintenance your home may need, so you don't have to.

Trusted tradies.

Access our curated network of vetted, fully licensed and insured tradies for the next 12 months.

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Save time & money!

Get work done around the house quicker while saving on home maintenance and great tradie rates.

Home Check Includes

Start with a Maintenance Check-up for your home. Then, add other services as you need.

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Dedicated Home Manager

Your Upkeep+ home manager handles all the tasks you hate, from finding tradies to organising jobs, so you don’t have to.

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Maintenance Check-up

Your home manager performs minor maintenance, identifies issues and prioritises the repairs that mean the most.

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On-demand Trades

Need handyman and electrician work done? Enjoy access to our trusted trade network at flat hourly rates for a whole year.

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Additional Services

Want additional services for your home? Talk to your home manager about what else we can help you with.

What you get in a Maintenance Check-up:

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    Scope and quote of electrical, plumbing and handyman maintenance issues.
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    Testing of smoke and CO detectors, replacement of batteries, as required*.
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    Visual inspection of hot water heater and testing pressure relief valves.
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    Visual inspection of wet areas, including conditioning of waterproofing.
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    Lubrication and tightening of doors, windows and cabinetry, as required*.
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    Replacement of defective light bulbs (light bulbs to be provided by customer)*.
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    Inspection of air conditioning system, and cleaning of filers as needed*.
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    Visual inspection of flexi-hoses.

How Upkeep+ works.

Maintenance Check-up.

Your home manager reviews key maintenance needs and handles commonly built-up handyman jobs around your home.

Easy access trade services.

Let us know when you need a maintenance job done and we'll organise everything else from there.

Explore additional services.

Need a roof inspection, pest control or gutter cleaning? Chat to us about how we can help.


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12-month access.


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one-off payment.
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one-off payment.

On-demand Rates

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Plumbing & Electrical
$105 per hour** +
$66 call-out fee
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$77 per hour** +
$55 call-out fee

Additional Services

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Roofing Services

From $xx

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Pest Control

From $165/month

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Gutter Clean

From $xx

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And more...

From $xx

Life's better with Upkeep+!

Don't take our words for it. Listen to our customers.

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"Upkeep+ has allowed me to get things done without me having to do it."
Sylvania NSW
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"It suits us perfectly. I like the peace of mind that any potential major issues will be identified early."
Chatswood NSW
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"Loved the assessment and quality of work completed! Feeling the value immediately."
Surry Hills NSW
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Get started today!

Enjoy your home, rather than work on it.

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In partnership with NRMA Insurance.

In partnership with NRMA Insurance.

We understand home maintenance can be challenging and stressful at times, but you can get the peace of mind that comes with a tailored Maintenance Plan and access to Upkeep+’s curated network of experienced and licensed trades. In partnership with NRMA Insurance, we are committed to building our brand around our customers. We are committed to providing the best possible service that comes from being a part of Australia’s largest general insurer, IAG.