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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Upkeep+?

Why should I sign up for an Upkeep+ subscription?
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Typically, homeowners should budget at least 1% of their property valuation on annual home maintenance to protect their property’s value and safety. However, not many actually approach home maintenance proactively, resulting in costly emergency repairs.

Upkeep+ bundles your home maintenance needs into a simple monthly fee. Not only could you save up to 40% compared to market rates, you’ll enjoy perks like a dedicated home manager who’ll conduct a Maintenance Check‑up, create a personalised Maintenance Plan, find trusted tradies, and advise on your projects — all without you having to lift a finger.

What is the Upkeep+ personal home manager?
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Every customer will have a personal home manager, a maintenance expert who is ready to give you helpful guidance about your home’s maintenance and improvement needs, and the most important jobs to prioritise with your included tradie hours. Plus, there’s no need for you to call around, as the scheduling and planning will be laid out for you.

What is the digital dashboard for?
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Your digital dashboard shows your Maintenance Plan with all your jobs, as well as detailing your total and remaining inclusions for each service.

You may also schedule your Home Check‑up, new maintenance or improvement jobs and monitor upcoming jobs through the dashboard.

How do I know I can trust your tradies?
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To ensure optimal value for our customers, we carefully check every tradie and business we partner with. With this vetting process in place, you may be rest assured that you can receive top quality, reliable and cost‑effective tradie services.

What is the difference between Upkeep+ and home insurance?
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Upkeep+ is not a home insurance product.

Proactive home maintenance via Upkeep+ is a preventative approach to risk. Regular maintenance helps us to prevent the need for expensive emergency repairs arising from gradual wear and tear and helps keep your home safe from storms and bushfires.

However, maintaining your home does not eradicate the need for home building and content insurance. It is important to have insurance in place to protect from unexpected events and disasters.

If you require more clarification, do not hesitate to speak to us or your respective home insurer.

About the Subscription

What happens after I sign up? When will I be billed?
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Upon signing up and making your first subscription payment, you'll have immediate access to your dashboard and can begin to arrange for your Maintenance Check‑up and jobs. Visit our How it Works page to see what you can expect.

Annual subscription charges will be billed monthly or annually depending on your selection. Individual jobs (beyond those included in your package) will be invoiced to you at the end of every job.

What happens if I have used all my included trade hours and still want additional jobs done?
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While Upkeep+ subscriptions include a base level of trade hours, we know that some customers may want extra work done throughout the year. To provide for this, Upkeep+ subscribers get unlimited access to “on‑demand” tradie services (i.e. pay‑as‑you‑go). By using on-demand trades, you can enjoy access to our vetted trade network at competitive, flat hourly rates.

Note: We will contact you if a project you request requires additional on-demand hours (i.e. in addition to your included trade hours) and will send a cost estimate from the tradie before the work begins.

What happens if I don't use up all my inclusions within my subscription period?
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We offer peace of mind to our customers by allowing you to roll over unused inclusions to your next subscription period.

However, we designed the product around inclusions all homes will utilise on home maintenance and improvement throughout the year, and we’re confident you’ll find the same!

Are call out fees included in my subscription?
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Depending on your subscription package, you may have a few callout fees included in your plan. This means, for the first few times we send a tradie out to your home, you won’t incur any call out fees.

Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to group jobs in your plan together, so you get maximum value from each free call out fee (e.g. if your plan has 3 jobs that require a plumber, we’ll try and ensure those jobs happen in the same visit by our plumber). After you have used up your free call outs, for the remainder of your subscription year you can easily access trades at our on‑demand call‑out fees.

What about cleaning and gardening?
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Upkeep+ is always looking to expand our suite of services.

Cleaning and gardening are not currently within our core services, but if you do require help, we may be able to assist you in booking these works.

Does Upkeep+ do renovations and home improvements?
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As our core focus is on home maintenance and improvements, we are not licensed to conduct larger renovations and building works (above $5,000). However, your home manager will be most willing to refer you to trade partners if applicable.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?
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While we’re sure you’ll be over the moon about your Upkeep+ experience, you are free to cancel at any time.

However, if you have used more trades and services than the subscription fees paid at the time you choose to cancel, you may need to pay an additional fee. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details.

Inclusions and Maintenance Jobs

When can i start booking my first job? I have a list of them!
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Once you make your first payment, you'll have immediate access to your dashboard and can begin to arrange your Maintenance Check‑up and jobs.

However, we recommend that you only start booking jobs after your Home Check‑up is completed. If you already have jobs in mind, it would also be great if you could share them with us during the Home Check‑up. That allows us to recommend the best grouping of jobs for your property to save you time and money.

How are my included tradie hours being utilised?
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To optimise your plan, Upkeep+ actively groups similar jobs in the same visit to save you time and money.

Hours for each job are calculated by:
• Minimum of 1 hour on‑site
• Additional increments of 15min as required.

Your home manager will quote each job before they are conducted, but you may refer to these time estimates for common jobs if you need a reference.

Do I have to pay for the materials used in jobs?
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Materials are not included in the subscription price, because we want to give you the flexibility of choosing your preferred quality of the materials that go into your home. Any materials used by our trusted tradie network will be passed through to you at competitive rates.

If you wish to source and provide your own materials, the materials have to be approved by our tradies. Please contact your home manager if you need more information.

Will there be additional charges if the job changes or takes longer than what was initially estimated and quoted for?
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Upkeep+ will never charge you more than what is quoted and agreed on, and we’ll even charge you less for jobs which take a shorter time.

In the event of any increases in job scope, the revised quote will be shared with you for approval before any further work on the job.

What kind of work can be done with my plumbing, electrical and handyman inclusions?
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Here are some examples of work that our tradies can do.

• Fix or replace leaking taps
• Replace showerheads
• Replace flexi hoses
• Repair or replace toilet
• Install basic strip drains
• Replace or install downpipes
• Clear blockages
• Replace hot water heaters

• Replace or install lights
• Replace or add powerpoints and light switches
• Replace rangehoods, cooktops and ovens
• Install sensor lights
• Replace bathroom exhaust fans
• Replace or add smoke alarms

• Adjust jamming doors, windows or cabinets
• Minor patch and paintwork
• Install or repair timberwork in the house
• Silicone seal tiled junctions or wet areas
• Install wall hooks, door stops and other fittings and fixtures

We have also compiled a list of time estimates for common jobs if you need a reference.

Speak to your home manager if you have any doubts on whether a specific job in mind can be done.

What should I do if I have an emergency job?
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When a maintenance emergency arises, please first ensure that you and your family is safe. If there is no immediate danger, you may call 1800 845 213 to be directed to our out‑of‑hours trusted emergency trades partner.

Please refer to our emergency inclusions and rates for plumbing and electrical services.

Thank you for your interest in Upkeep+!
If you have any other questions about our product, please contact us directly.
You can email us at or call us at 1800 845 213.

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In partnership with NRMA Insurance.

In partnership with NRMA Insurance.

We understand home maintenance can be challenging and stressful at times, but you can get the peace of mind that comes with a tailored Maintenance Plan and access to Upkeep+’s curated network of experienced and licensed trades. In partnership with NRMA Insurance, we are committed to building our brand around our customers. We are committed to providing the best possible service that comes from being a part of Australia’s largest general insurer, IAG.